Gummy Bear Garden

Lana is not classy, but usually she can feign a good dose of tact. However, amidst a series of clumsy mishaps, any reputation she had for prim appearance quickly disintegrates.

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Timed Scribble: 3 Minutes

The piano man glides his fingers over the piano. I think about hurried anger and lullaby sounds that would rock me to sleep on stage. I would roll over my body and record my own voice singing all the tired horses in the sun because that is the lullaby I remember from childhood. You stared […]

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Do You Believe in War?

Originally posted on canyonbirds:
It is a question I think of often.  Why?   We live in a world where war is everyday fare for some, news for another, religious to some, and politics to too many. War by definition is: war wôr/ noun 1. a state of armed conflict between different nations or states…

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